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aiken pet fitness and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Services

When pets are injured or recovering from surgery, you want them to rebound quickly. And when aging pets experience mobility issues, you want them to live as independently as possible. That’s the time to call us.

Our rehabilitation services include an evaluation for every patient. We assess your pet’s health, diet, exercise, comfort level, body condition, and home environment. We discuss your goals and expectations, and then recommend a diet and exercise program, pain treatments and medications, and suggest changes that should be made at home.

We also measure and fit assistive equipment such as harnesses, carts and joint braces that make it easier to care for special-needs pets.

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Low Level Light Laser Therapy (Cold Laser)
This non-invasive therapy boosts cell metabolism and increases circulation, which helps wounds heal faster, decreases swelling and eases pain. Because of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, lasers are beneficial for arthritis, sprains and strains, injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons, post-surgical and soft tissue trauma, and open wounds.  

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Electric Stimulation
This reduces muscle atrophy and improves comfort and circulation. Owners love our portable TENS unit because it can be used without shaving their pet's coat.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Ultrasound heats tissues for greater flexibility and is performed prior to stretching to regain range of motion.

Cold and Heat Treatments
Cold placed on inflammed tissues and joints helps reduce pain and swelling, while moist heat relieves stiffness and improves flexibility before exercise.

Manual Therapy
We use our hands for gentle manipulation to improve joint function and joint health. We concentrate on the animal's entire body to correct problems that may have developed because of changes in gait or posture.

For pets with musculoskeletal problems various massage techniques are used to relax muscles, reduce muscle spasms, improve circulation and relieve pain.

Pulsing Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy
This enhances circulation and nutrition to cells, which speeds the healing process and reduces stiffnesss, pain and inflammation. Often, pets are so relaxed during this treatment that they fall asleep.

Interested in rehabilitation tools you can use at home? Click here for simple, effective products that help treat pain and injuries »

Therapeutic Exercise
We work with pets to achieve correct posture, stance and gait. Our gym is equipped for strength training, cardiovascular exercises and improving balance and coordination. We also recommend cross-training programs for canine athletes.

Walking in the underwater treadmill helps animals that have trouble walking on land because of arthritis, weakness, poor balance or coordination, painful joints, neurologic conditions, recent surgery or obesity. The water provides a supportive medium allowing them to strengthen muscles and increase endurance with little compression on joints. For many post-surgical and neurologic patients, hydrotherapy is a great first step towards regaining a normal gait. We have a warm water treadmill for our rehabilitation patients and a cool one for fitness conditioning.

Veterinary medical acupuncture is a cutting-edge therapeutic technique that uses scientific knowledge to stimulate the nervous system. It is beneficial for relieving pain and improving neurologic problems, muscle tension and other medical conditions, including anxiety, kidney disease and gastrointestinal issues.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)
Uses a hand-held device called an activator to locate areas in the body have fallen out of "adjustment." Over time, the technique can heal muscle, skeletal and neurological abnormalities, lameness, urinary incontinence, behavioral problems It is an effective, safe and painless treatment to re-establish a healthy nervous system. In most cases, pets move better, are more comfortable and seem more energetic a few days after their first session.


New patients and their owners are always welcome. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon by appointment. Click here or call
(803) 226-0012 to make an appointment.


What our clients say ...

Quinn and I visited Dr. Sybil Davis at Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation this morning. I am so impressed. What a positive experience. The facility, the staff and Dr. Davis are great at what they do. I highly recommend them for any fitness or rehab needs. Thanks for fitting us in.

  — Nancy Webster, Quinn's owner

Snoopy and I love Sybil and Maggie (and Annette too, although we don't see her as often). Snoopy has recovered almost completely from her torn ACL with no surgery.

  — Mary Lou Seymour, Snoopy's owner
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