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aiken pet fitness and rehabilitation

Everyday Dogs, Special Owners

The Bone-i-Fide Pet Journal — March 2012

Snoopy's story starts when she was surrendered to the SPCA by her owner. She lost all trust in people, and her prospects weren't good. Mary Lou, a dedicated volunteer spent close to a year patiently sitting with her and slowly working until she was able to touch her.

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Everyday Dogs, Special Owners

The Bone-i-Fide Pet Journal — December 2011

Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation provides physical therapy and exercise for dogs and cats. Basically, we do for animals what physical therapists do for people.

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Physical therapy for dogs: rehabilitation, fitness and strength

The Dog and Hound — December 2011

Physical therapy for humans has a long history, dating back as far as the ancient Greeks. Physical therapy for dogs is a younger discipline. About two decades ago, veterinarians and dog owners realized that exercises and treatments designed to help people recover from surgery or trauma could be adapted for animals.

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Walk with pets, lose weight and help the shelter

Aiken Standard — September 2011

Walk a hound, lose a pound and help the Aiken County Animal Shelter in the process.

Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation on Friday will kick off Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound, a 10-week program that promotes the health of canines and humans alike. Participants are encouraged to work with their own dogs or they can be paired up with a dog from the Aiken County Animal Shelter.

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Pups pull their weight in fitness competition

Aiken Standard — April 2011

A total of nine contestants showed up at Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation Saturday to find out the final results of the pet "Biggest Loser" contest celebration.

The center opened in December and in mid-January began a 10-week session of classes aimed at helping animals lose weight. Although a serious effort, it was made into a fun, pet's "Biggest Loser" contest.

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Purina and Aiken Pet Fitness join forces to fight pet obesity

Dirt Road Media — January 2011

Not surprisingly, our nation's animals are getting fatter, just like we are. The number of overweight dogs and cats in America continues to rise. Nearly 45 percent of canines and 58 percent of felines are overweight or obese (at least 20 percent above ideal weight), according to a recent survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. In many cases, it’s the result of too many snacks and not enough exercise.

Unfortunately, obesity is now the biggest health threat to pets in the United States, according to researchers, and the costs of illness and injury as a direct result makes it the most treated medical problem in veterinary hospitals.

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Vet offers fitness classes for overweight pets

WRDW News 12 — January 2011

If your pet is overweight, veterinarians warn you are taking years off of their life. Local vets say it's a problem they're seeing more and more, and they're hoping some pet owners will extend those new years resolutions to drop extra pounds to their four legged friends. Pets could lose up to three years, according to one study, because of those extra pounds.

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New facility caters to pet fitness, rehab

Aiken Standard — December 2010

Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation caters to animals who have mobility problems stemming from stiff joints, injuries to muscle or soft tissue, arthritis and chronic pain.

The new center, which opens Monday, offers a variety of physical therapy treatments designed to help an animal regain range of motion and flexibility, build core strength, improve endurance and agility and also lose weight and build muscle. Not only are the exercises and treatments able to help an animal maintain their current level of physical health, they can also help an animal who is recovering from injuries and/or surgery.

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Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation Center is now open for business

WJBF News Channel 6— December 2010

Pet Owners toured the new facility on Willow Run Road and watched demonstrations of the fitness equipment. The Center cares for both dogs and cats. Veternarian doctor Sybil Davis says there is a need for pet rehabilitation in Aiken.

Dr. Sybil Davis—Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation—"I think it's an exciting new edition. So having a gym where people can bring their dogs and do exercises and physical therapy. It's hard to have all this equipment in your home. So it's nice to have a place where you can come and do that with some supervision and support.

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New patients and their owners are always welcome. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon by appointment. Click here or call
(803) 226-0012 to make an appointment.


What our clients say ...

Quinn and I visited Dr. Sybil Davis at Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation this morning. I am so impressed. What a positive experience. The facility, the staff and Dr. Davis are great at what they do. I highly recommend them for any fitness or rehab needs. Thanks for fitting us in.

  — Nancy Webster, Quinn's owner

Snoopy and I love Sybil and Maggie (and Annette too, although we don't see her as often). Snoopy has recovered almost completely from her torn ACL with no surgery.

  — Mary Lou Seymour, Snoopy's owner
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